Thursday, October 31, 2013

Looking Toward Sunday

All Saints/Laity Sunday
November 3, 2013

This Sunday we remember and celebrate the saints who have gone on the the "Church Triumphant" since last All Saints Day. As part of our observance, we will read the names of our departed saints aloud and light candles in their memory.

This Sunday we are also observing Laity Sunday.  Laity Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate the ministry of all lay people. Grace Von Tobel will deliver the message in an unusual way (no hints - you'll have to come to find out the details!) and other lay folks will lead the prayers, scripture readings, etc.

Join us as we celebrate the saints who've gone ahead of us, as well as the saints who serve among us now.

See you on Sunday!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Looking Toward Sunday

"Declarations of the Heart"

Commitment Sunday
October 27, 2013

For the last two months we've been studying and discussing United Methodist Bishop Robert Schnase's Five Practices of Fruitful Living. The fifth practice, "Extravagant Generosity" has been our focus throughout the month of October. The entire congregation has been using an insightful devotional book entitled, Practicing Extravagant Generosity: Daily Readings on the Grace of Giving. We've been completing "heart cards" each week that share what we love about our church, who has contributed to our spiritual growth, and our hopes and dreams for Pleasant Street United Methodist Church. Storytellers have shared their responses to the heart cards each Sunday, and our completed cards have been posted all over the church entryway.  It's been a time of giving thanks for and celebrating the generosity of others, and an invitation to practice that same sort of generosity ourselves.

This Sunday we'll be invited to express our Extravagant Generosity through the offering of our Estimate of Giving Cards for 2014. Our scripture lessons for the day are 2 Corinthians 8:1-9, 24 and John 3:16-17. (You can click on the links to read them.) Worship will focus on our gratitude for all that God has done for us and through us. And we'll think about how the year ahead can be an opportunity for us to both express our love for God and grow in generosity through the practice of giving.

Join us as we consider how our offerings to God through the church represent a "declaration of our heart".

See you on Sunday!