Thursday, February 28, 2013

"The Way" Worship Series for Lent

This year’s worship series for Lent is entitled “The Way”.*  Over the next few weeks we’ll be thinking about Lent as a metaphorical pilgrimage or “way” that can help lead us to spiritual awakening, insight, and renewal. The inspiration for the metaphor of Lent as a virtual pilgrimage comes from a well-known literal pilgrimage in Spain known as El Camino deSantiago – popularly called “The Camino”. Like the Camino (which has many different routes that all converge at the same destination) we’re all on our own unique spiritual journeys, but they all lead to a common goal – a closer walk with God.

The "routes" that we'll explore are:

Ash Wednesday, February 13:  "Buen Camino" (Joel 2:1-2, 12-17)
We begin our Lenten pilgrimage with a time of reflection, the imposition of ashes, and a blessing for the journey ahead.

Sunday, February 17:  "The Wandering Way" (Luke 4:1-13) 
Like Jesus' 40 days in the wilderness, we begin a journey that will take us out of our spiritual comfort zone.

Sunday, February 24:  "The Way Around" (Luke 13:31-35)
Sometimes our faith calls us to claim who we know we are and take the way around what others think we ought to do and be.

Sunday, March 3:  "The High Way" (Isaiah 55:1-9) 
We are taught that everything costs. But our ways are not God’s ways. We are all invited, without price, to the table of God’s grace - and to extend God's hospitality to others.   

Sunday, March 10:  "The Way Home" (Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32) 
The father's extravagant acceptance of the son in Jesus’ parable of the lost son is difficult for us to believe sometimes.  But no matter what we have done, who we are, how far we are from what we want to become, we are welcomed home by the Loving Parent.

Sunday, March 17: "The Free Way" (Isaiah 43:16-21)
New paths in life are always possible, and these ways are made plain before us if we have eyes to see.

Palm Sunday, March 24: "The Other Way" (Luke 19:28-40)
This moment on this road for Jesus feels both like the end and the beginning. Such are so many moments of our lives. A pilgrimage may reach its destination, but the hope, the wisdom, the lessons learned along the way offer a new starting point for us. What have we learned and what transformation – what “other way” – are we called to in our lives?

Don't forget - if you miss a week you can listen to the sermon online at our podcast website.

* The outline for this series comes from Marcia McFee's "Worship Design Studio".