Saturday, December 10, 2011

Advent Devotion for December 10

How I fear God’s interruptions!
Like Herod, I feel the pull of Spirit,
not to higher earthly rewards,
but to interrupt my striving for success,
to suspend for a moment my leadership,
to wait for the Word of God to be interpreted.
An invitation is extended:
Come to the birthday party,
put off your crown,
your courtly manners,
the pomp and circumstance of power
and the trappings of leadership.
Come, enjoy the gift of God.
Ah, Herod, if you could pause for just a moment,
put down your superstitious fear of God
and God’s demands and plans,
you, too, might be dazzled by the light.
And how many times have I passed by,
Too busy to look up and see a star
And certainly too important
To leave my job to travel a year
And see what it’s all about.
-- Sandra Herrmann

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